The single step

What is the single step? 

Nowadays, career opportunities have become an issue of concern to many Nigerians. However, I believe there is a solution to all of it and it has to be communal. I believe it is not the responsibility if an individual to salvage the unfortunate trend but a collective responsibility of Nigerians especially, the youths. I  point out to the present generation because they are the future leaders in years to come and their decisions today will determine the outcomes of the nearest future. 

What is the way forward for Nigeria

If you are a Nigerian youth, I am telling you that you have a part to play as we march into a new season of options. Do not assume because sufficient change has not been witnessed Nigeria in the past, our generation cannot make it happen, we can. We can if we dare. Remember, Rome was not built in a day neither, was Dubai transformed in a year. It will take some time, planning, patience, and persistence.

Advice for Nigerian Youths

In all, let us step forward into a new beginning. Let us take the bull by the horns. Let us be creative and innovative, practical and realistic. Lets us design and mold the future we desire. Yes, it is time for that step; YES, it is time! I know it won't be easy, but we can achieve it overcoming setbacks and challenging our status quos Let us collectively write our names in the sands of time; let us start doing something now; start doing something now; let us begin to take single steps now. What do you think?

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