THINK, outside the BOX

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Creativity is one of the most mysterious abilities of the human race. It is the ability of creating something tangible or intangible from the inside. It is in-borne. It is the ability to use imagination to develop and create new and original ideas or things or improve on an old and existing one.

Why are some people more creative than others?
They dare to unlearn. They dare to use their brain to unlearn those things the brain has accepted to be true and correct and begin to use the brain to scan for new things it will call true. This means that creativity is not a totally natural process. Creative people activate their ability to expand and use their brains without rules, guidelines or limits. They tend to do this often and often till the brain becomes well developed. You see, the brain is just like every muscle in the body; the more you expand and use it, the more it grows and does not contract to its original size.

-        By using it to solve problems often and regularly.
-        By feeding it with motivational and inspirational materials.
-        By thinking outside the box.

Ask your brain strange questions like “Why this?” “How come that ...?” What if this?” “When ..?” “Where ..?” “Who ..?” "How ...?" 

The brain can only be trained to be creative. It won’t be creative on its own. This is because, initially, creativity will be a conscious effort at using and expanding the brain. However, with time, when the brain becomes developed, beyond a certain level, it will become an unconscious activity for the individual. Try it; it's a lot of fun ... especially if you wish to know why the impossible is possible.

REMEMBER: Everyone can be creative, just think outside the box!

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