For many people, investing their money is one huge challenge they have had to cope with. It is quite common these days to hear persons ask the ubiquitous questions: 'On what should I invest my money?’, “what business can I do with my money?', 'How do I invest my seed?', ‘Help, I need business idea'. Here are tips to help you get started with your small business.

PASSION: Your passion is extremely important when it comes to business investment. What do you like or prefer doing best at all times? What is your unique area of interest? You need to identify this particular area of interest before venturing into any business. Your passion keeps you focused in your chosen investment area if things appear awry or unexciting, especially at the beginning of the business. Experienced business men and women know that all business investments have their gestation period. The first few months or years of business may not be that rosy. You need to persevere and keep working hard towards success.

NEEDS: Wisdom in business investment requires that you look for a compelling need in your area and fill this need. Find out the need of the people in your environment. What problems are people in your area facing? Can you provide effective solution to this problem? Most times the demand and supply trends of goods and services in an area speak volume of the business opportunities. Most domestic consumables are in this category. It could be scarcity of the product, or many people are going very far to buy the item. Are people complaining bitterly about a product or service? Shine your eyes! Go ahead and invest.

COACH: Most times, getting a business coach or a mentor is crucial for business start-up. If you are new or ignorant of any business area you are dabbling into, it is advisable you find someone who has taken that business route before and learn from him or her. If it requires paying the person for training, please do not hesitate because you will recoup the reward later in your business. It is better to take one step in the right direction than taking two wrong steps. This saves time, energy, and money.

START SMALL: There is wisdom in starting from a small scale. Don’t forget that you are still going to move through the learning curve. This allows you ample time to easily correct any errors or re-organize all activities to meet customers’ expectations and desires.


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