Questions That Attract Investors

Why do you want to be an Entrepreneur? How did you get your business Idea? Where do you Intend to locate your Business and Why? Why will you succeed? Describe your business idea? What is particularly innovative or original about your business (i.e. innovative idea, processes/market, products etc)? Describe your market. Who will people buy your products and/or services? What is the size of your market, and how is it growing? Where are the growth opportunities? Why will people buy your products and/or services? What makes them unique? What is the competition? How will it change and why are you better? How will your business make money? How profitable can it be? What five things do you need to do in the next six months to start your business? What qualifications or experience do you have to start and run this business? What are the risks you foresee in this business? (What could stop you?) How will you overcome these risks? How much money do you need to start your business? Do you have a Business name? Where is the location of the business?
Which state and what Local Government Area? What is the address?

If you are sure you have answers to these questions, then I believe you are among the Nigerian entrepreneurs being sought after at Check out the site and register.
After your registration at the site, take your time to apply for the entrepreneurship scheme. Please, put in your best for this is real. Besides, if your business idea is eventually shortlisted and approved, you will be given start up funds. Good luck.

Ps: If you cannot answer the questions completely and require assistance, leave a comment and send a mail to or visit
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