• Put your plans on paper.
-          Spell out your goals and ways to reach them.
• Be specific.
-          The advice you give yourself must be such that you can put it into practice.
• Break the task down into small pieces so that you can handle them easily.
• Establish checkpoints on your progress as well as rewards.
• Remind yourself of the benefits you expect from your tasks completion.
• Avoid temptations and circumstances that might sidetrack you.
• Recognize your limitations.
-          Don’t set unrealistic goals.
• Take advantage of your own energy peaks!
• Use negative motivation.
-          Remind yourself of the consequences of inaction.
• Keep a time-control budget.
-          Don’t let one task take control over others.
• Set deadlines and hold yourself to them.
• Make an honest distinction between “I can’t” and “I don’t want to”.
• Get started now.
-          Don’t procrastinate.
• Improve your self-persuasion ability.
-          Learn the difference between reasoning and rationalizing.
• Be optimistic.
-          Your chances for success will increase.
• Decide how you want to start, what needs to be done first.
• Read, especially literature related to your situation.
• Use self-signalling devices – notes, signs, cues, reminders.
• Promise yourself rewards.
• Use the stimulation provided by good news to do extra work.
• Recognize conflicts and make a choice.
• Give yourself the right to make mistakes. No one is perfect.
• Exercise your sense of humour.
-          Laughter indicates a realistic point of view.

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