In this age where the cost of business start-ups is high, working from home has become an attractive option to many. Meanwhile, having a home-based business is not all milk and honey; it is not butter and bread. While your chances of having a successful business increase if you work from home due to the lower overhead, there are nevertheless plenty challenges when you work from home. Join me as we explore the promise and problems of starting a home based business.

However, before we go further, I will like to know your take in this idea. Are you a person cut out for a home based business? Are you a field person? How disciplined are you? I am sorry to be bashing you with questions but I would like you to be sure of your temperament before we go on this ride. So, kindly spare two minutes and finish the quiz; I will wait for you.

Whether you already have a business that you are considering moving into the home or are thinking about starting a home based business from scratch, know that it takes a certain temperament and an iron will to be successful at it. Do you make the cut? Let’s find out. Take the following quiz. For every YES answer give yourself five points and for every NO answer, give yourself zero point. Take it now!

1. Do you have space at home to create a private office? Yes/No
2. Are you self-disciplined enough to work when your family is around? Yes/No
3. Do you have, or can you get, the technology required to run a modern home based business: a separate phone line, e-mail, cell phone, and fax machine? Yes/No
4. Are you willing to work alone, cut off from old colleagues and associates? Yes/No
5. Are you self-disciplined enough to avoid going to the refrigerator, television, or Internet throughout the day? Yes/No
6. Does your business model lend itself to working by yourself at home? Yes/No
7. Are there minimal distractions at home: no noisy neighbours, loud babies, or intrusive friends with nothing else to do but hang out with you? Yes/No
8. Will your customers still take you seriously if you work from home? Yes/No
9. Are you excited about the possibility of working from home? Yes/No
10. Does your family support your plan to work from home? Yes/No

35 and up: You have both the temperament and support necessary to work from home.
20 to 35: You might be able to start a successful home-based business, but be sure to line up all your ducks.
Below 20: Working from home is not for you.

So, how did it go? Do you have both temperament and support necessary or will you line up all your ducks? Or, is working from home not for you?

Anyway, ponder over the result and catch me in the follow up article “Home Based Businesses: The Plus and Minus”. Thank you for your time to take the quiz and also for your decision to ride with me. See you soon.

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