In the course of my personal development and growth, I came in contact with Smith Bam many years ago. Since then, I have held him as a coach for so many rugged reasons: uniqueness, confidence, acute reasoning, passion, strength, godliness, youthfulness, resourcefulness among others. I have learnt a lot from him for many years and I want you to do same. Please, meet Smith Bam as he talks about nine rugged gigs that are laser piercing.

NOTE: As you learn, master and practice. These rugged gigs have the tendency to transform your productivity and blow you through any hurdle … in career, dream, vision, goals, relationship, business, family, life, name it!. They are practical. Let’s go

1. CLARITY. The moment you know where you are going and why you are going, the how to get there will show up. I have been clear about what I am doing and why. I have never needed anyone to motivate me. I motivate myself. I have attained so much within a short period because I am not distracted. I have clarity.

2. BOOKS. Without this, I am sure I wouldn't be who I am today. I have collapsed years by studying. I am a voracious reader. I have read over 2000 books and still reading. I have remained a leader because I have remained a student. I have an amazing library. My mental capacity is more potent than most people because I exercise with over 2000 minds.

3. STUBBORN. You can't make it in this country (Nigeria) without this element. I don’t believe in any idea that isn't backed with stubborn mindset. I am resilient, rugged and dogged. I became a problem to my problems and they gave up when they realize I am too stubborn. Dreams don’t come through without stubbornness.

4. COMPETITIVENESS. I am never satisfied with anything I do. I am very competitive with myself. I destroy anything I do within 6 months. I cannibalize myself. I am hard to beat. I get my juice from a stage of competent people. I can't stand mediocres. If you know my benchmarks, u will understand.

5. NO SUPPORT. I have deliberately destroyed any support system. I have NEVER sought financial assistance. I am too proud to do so. The wealthy peeps around me respect me because they know I will NEVER ask them for money. I look to God and within me for support. While many are expecting and waiting, I am making things happen and guess what God does when he sees me look up to HIM alone.

6. SELF BELIEF. When no one believed in my dreams 9 years ago, I wasn't bothered. I don’t need them. I believe in me. With a bad shoe, a suit, long neck, no invitation and no car and a wrecked Nokia 3310, NONE of these could shake my self-belief. I believe so much in Smith Bam. He is too endowed to fail. He is too original to be copied. No one’s success intimidates me. I am confident in my own skin. I know anything I touch MUST prosper.

7. NOT MONEY. I started with a passion to make a difference and not to make money. Many doors have been opened to me because of my attitude and I put money in its place. I have never pursued money. Rather I have attracted it. I think of excellent delivery and money comes. I give more than people can pay. I knew money is a reward.

8. NON CONFORMITY. I enjoy doing what they say is impossible. I hate to be bound by tradition. My thoughts rebel against the status quo. I don’t mind to be controversial. I prefer to swim against the norm. I have no regard for systems that don’t benefit humanity. My book titles show these clearly. My seminars expose these more. I don’t follow the path of no resistance.

9. TRIPLE A. I ANTICIPATE what’s going to happen before it does; this has helped me stay at the cutting edge, I ADAPT when things change and don’t go as I planned and I always APPRECIATE GOD for who and what I am today.

These have being my 9 secrets in 9 years.

Smith Bam

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