FD’s Thoughts & Quotes

The magnificent monument of nothingness is built by the bricks of fantasy.

Find your KINGDOM, Sit on your THRONE and establish your GOVERNMENT.

Your frustration is an indication of a solution you are carrying.

We may not be able to change the past, but the future has no right to take us by surprise. 

A vision rests in the heart of the leader, but a great vision rests in the hands of his followers.

Your greatness as a leader is dependent on the greatness of your followers.

The facts of your past cannot diminish the vision of your future.

The scripture is NOT to be read, but to be LIVEDThe scripture is NOT to be quoted,
but to be ACTED.

If you were not born a champion, you wouldn't have been born at all!

Don't lock yourself into a place of disadvantage and be hoping for the best.

If it's possible, it's not worth it... if it's easy, don't even bother to try.

Desire does not win prizes, action does.

If your story does not inspire others, God will not invest in it.

With humility comes the grace for greatness.

When you're in your natural habitat, the stress of NOT doing what you're created to do
is MORE than doing it!

Learn how to see the best of everything so that you can make the best of everything
and have the best of everything in life. 


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