No one travels a long distance without a luggage; definitely you are expected to pack for your journey depending on your route, distance and destination. Of course, the content of our cases are different and this is a factor of what you consider important for your journey and what you think is not necessary. Every milestone is arrived at with a lot of determination and effort. It’s not an easy journey for anyone.

However, this interesting and necessary journey could perhaps be made easier if you choose to travel light. A man travelling with a back-pack or a knapsack will find the journey relatively easier than a man with several suit cases. Travelling light makes the journey relatively easier less stressful and at times faster.

Many today on their career journeys carry so much baggage and luggage hence; they are weighed down and burdened to a point of fatigue and stagnation. The briefcase becomes too heavy for them to carry alone then they begin to look at other travellers for help, favours and assists.

When they don’t get these support, they become upset, grumpy and critical of others on this journey. To be more precise, we are talking about emotional and psychological weights that make you less productive and mentally lump. Issues that weigh you down, stress you to pieces and snuff out the zeal and passion in you. Mental weights, mental pressures and psychological turmoil that paralyze your creativity, initiative and capacity.

Let us share some of these bricks in your briefcase

BRICK TWO: Self-pity 
BRICK FOUR: Indiscipline
BRICK FIVE: Lack of Focus
Focus is impossible without a pre-determined end in mind. If you don’t know exactly what you want and where you are headed, you keep branching off your course in confusion and desperation. You’ll keep digressing instead of progressing.

Many people may embark on the journey from the same take-off point but, destinations may be different. You may just find yourself following others to their own destination if you’re not clear on where you are going. When you don’t know where you are going, you’ll be so distracted in the course of your career journey and you’ll waste a lot of time chasing shadows and other people’s dreams.

Know what you want. Know where you are going if not, you’ll keep alighting at other travellers’ stop thinking they’ll make you happy and fulfilled. If you don’t know where you are going or resolve to focus on your destination, you may not get there. Drop that brick too. Stay focused.

BRICK SIX: Ignorance
Nothing can be more frustrating and derailing like embarking on a journey without destination.
You see people at the park entering a bus to embark on a journey; you decide to join them too without a clear knowledge of where the bus is headed. You definitely will be faced with a lot of challenges, surprises and frustration.

Ignorance is a very terrible career journey brick in the case you have no business in a journey without destination. Knowledge is like a road map, a compass to direct and prepare you for the next mile, the next stop and the final destination. Learn about your journey and how you can reach your destination on time and in one piece.

Drop this bad brick too.

Travelling light makes your journey easier, pleasant and full of positive adventures. You’ll be a happy traveller; no hard feelings, no grudges and hurting. You’ll take challenges in your stride and be stronger with every passing mile. Travel light. Get rid of all the bricks, know your destination, focus on your journey, shun distractions and progress with energy, vitality, pace and bounce.

You will get there.


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