While studying today, I came across the seasons of our lives in a chapter of the book. Almost immediately I remembered something I read in 2010 that somehow help me increase my desire to do more with my life, expect more, achieve more and plan more. This might sound weird to someone else, maybe you, but just keep at it and read through … you never can tell what lies at the end of the tunnel.

Imagine our life spans have been divided into three seasons; morning season; zero to thirty years, afternoon season; thirty to fifty years and evening season; fifty years and above.

The early years or morning season are learning years when you are told what to, how to do and why to do as you grow into knowing and deciding what to do gradually. The middle years or afternoon season are earning years where people earn, spend and invest as much as they choose. (This is the categories of most first millionaires and the stage in which financial distinctions are formed: poor, struggling, rich and wealthy). Then the late years or evening season are the yearning years of life when energy levels begin to drop and youthfulness begin to fade out. This season is characterized with fewest options.

“I have read it before, so what?” you may want to ask. Please ease up and read through and take home my point before you lash me.

Be conscious of time and these seasons. In the morning, learn all you can and equip yourself better to earn and yearn in the latter seasons. “Well, I am sorry but I am already in my afternoon season …” Yes! That is no problem: teach and guide those close to you as well as your children that are still in their morning seasons … it will give them a head start and will make you fulfilled in you later season.

In the afternoon, earn as much as you can, learn a little more that you can and spend. Save a little ALWAYS and invest. Invest in shares, real estate, your children, philanthropy, the gospel of Christ and people (the greatest investment that outruns inflation). This is a major essence of life, note it.

In the evening, you will retire and live of the returns of your investments. It will surprise you to know that many people the world over don’t retire because they don’t have investment(s) they can fall on hence; they still work till when they are almost not able to do so any more. So watch it!

Finally, I don’t know the season you are in your life but I believe you are better equipped to deal with the afternoon season as well as the night season. Please don’t just read this as an information; DECIDE and ACT ON IT as an instruction! Take action. Do something about it. Please do not procrastinate and start investing as much as you can … in yourself and in your future. Remember, in Ancient Egypt in the time of Joseph in the Bible, it was because the Egyptians took heed and invested during the seven fat years that was why they had more than enough to sell to other nations in the seven lean famine years. A stitch in time saves nine. See you at The Investors Platform.

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