How many books have you read about becoming successful? How many articles, magazines, videos e.t.c telling you how to be successful? That's cool - but where and how do you learn where your current habits
are holding you back? Well, the wait is over. I'm going to share with you some of the unsuccessful habits I have had and which many of my clients have overcome as a result of coaching. You're not going to be able to get new clients and make money if you continue to do certain things over and over and over - and expect different results.

So, here's the litmus test - keep reading - am I speaking to you? Read.

  1. Not having a focus.
This is a big one for many entrepreneurs and for people in general. You have no focus on a daily basis - let alone for the year. I know that many of you get up in the morning, do a little bit of 'this' and a little bit of 'that' and, poof, before you know it - the day is over - the year is over, LOL!

My success habit: I write a to-do list each morning, of my top 3 (revenue-generating) priorities for the day - post it on the wall in front of my face and DO NOT WAIVER from that list until each of the 3 items is complete! Period! Watch your business grow when you do this. 

  1. "I can do it myself!"
Yeah - that's a winning mindset! NOT; who do you think you are? No one can do it alone. Case in point - in the past month, as I dealt with the personal challenges in my life with my mum, I was so extremely grateful that I have such a great, dedicated, professional, talented team! They kept things going for me - and offered me unconditional support.

My success habit: Hire a virtual assistant or two, depending on where you are in your business. Life happens. You cannot keep your business running, attract new clients, serve your current clients, make more money if/when you are doing it all yourself. 

  1. Hang out with the same old crowd.
Please - people - give your head a shake. You keep going to the same old networking events, hanging out with the same old people around, talking about the same old stuff. Are you serious about growing your business, making money and making a difference in the world? Know that you are the 'average of the 5 people you spend time with'. Oh, scary, huh?

My success habit: I constantly review who I am spending time with - I no longer hang around with mediocre entrepreneurs - I just don't. I am serious about working with, and helping, women around the world achieve financial freedom. I am on a mission! I must surround myself with people who will help me learn, grow and stretch. What about you?

  1. "I know that already."
Another poisonous thought that holds you back from growing and succeeding. Really? You know it? Well, good for you - because, for me, I need to hear and apply information on a repeated basis in order to MASTER it. It is all about mastery! I am doing really well in my business - and I welcome every opportunity to hear things again and again and again. What's got you so stuck? Are you working with a coach? Someone who can help you - someone who has 'been there' - if not, why not? EVERY entrepreneur needs a coach!

My success habit: Committing the time, on a dedicated basis, to learning and learning and learning something until I have mastered it. I work with the best coaches I can find - you need to do that, too.

  1. "I can't afford it”. 
If you can't afford knowledge, imagine the price of ignorance. (I heard that quote somewhere and can't put my finger on who wrote it - but it's brilliant, don't you think?) Shift your thinking to 'HOW can I afford this?" when it comes to growing, developing, learning and succeeding. The 'I can't afford it' thinking is simply a very bad habit - get over it! You have money - everyone has money - how are you spending your money? Need money to invest in your business - then go make some, find some, borrow some - just do it: make it happen.

My success habit: I make a commitment to invest in myself and in my business on an annual basis. I do my homework - check out referrals - learn who is at the level I want to be in business - and go after it! I'll figure out the HOW later - and it has paid off very well for me. What are you waiting for?

  1. "What will people think?" 
Oh, yes, the comparison game! We do it all the time. Well, who cares what people think? And stop comparing yourself to others while you're at it. Talk about a bad habit! ("Stop comparing the inside of you to the outside of someone else!" - Lou Tice) Stop wondering about what people will think when you succeed beyond your wildest dreams! You have a purpose - you are on a mission - you can make a difference in this world. And shame on you if you let this crappy mindset and habit hold you back! Get over yourself. You are spending too much time thinking about this - get to work!

My success habit: Some people aren't good for you - Les Brown says it so well. They just aren't. I keep a weekly list of my Successes and celebrate myself - often BY myself. (my family doesn't have a clue what I do anyway, quite frankly! - so there's no point in worrying about what they think- and that's typically WHO we worry about when we climb the ladder of success, right?)

Does this sound simple? Well, it really is simple. It's the start of a new year - a new day, a new week, a new month - timing doesn't matter.

As an entrepreneur who is living their life purpose - it is critical that you shift your habits. It's not that habits are right or wrong - good or bad - it is simply a matter of identifying whether or not they move you towards your goals. Take a look at your current habits - are they helping you to get new clients, make more money and make a difference in the world? No? Then change them. YOU have the power!
Now - get going! It's a big world out there and WE have a lot of work to do, collectively, with our talents and expertise. People are waiting for you!

Pat Mussieux

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