Having known the benefits of having your own business venture against taking a second job and knowing that you already have a set of business related skills at your fingertips, I bet you are already preparing to hit the business world but there is still one business hurdle we need to jump: Start-up Capital.

Many new and existing business people have always cited start-up capital as their main business challenge hence, I will urge you to waive it so as the passion and desire to start will not diminish while you begin to take steps. So, the question is now “what kind of business can a teacher do that will attract less or no capital at start-up ” Let’s consider the following suggestions and build on them.

Suggestion #1: Tutoring business
The main reason why teachers exist in our world is to educate students. This can be a good start for you to build your own tutoring centre.  This is the closest business you can eventually tackle that conforms well to your profession and passion. Preferably, rent an area near a school, or have extra space set up in your house or compound in order to save some cash. You can do this once your teaching work is done, or during the weekends or holidays. With countless parents out there seeking to help their children succeed in school, this business is sure to be a hit. Professional exams are not out of the picture.

Suggestion #2: Writing business

This is a simple yet also a profitable business venture for teachers. There are many college students - including some teachers - who are working on their thesis or other large projects. In line with this, they need to produce documentations that will be submitted to their advisers. This can be a good start, especially if you are an English teacher who is keen on grammar and word structure. This is truly perfect since you will simply be assigned to write some pages and even to edit their papers. You can also be developing teaching notes on a part-time basis for a school.

Suggestion #3: Hobby business

If you happen to have a hobby in mind that you want to improve and present to others, this can also be a fruitful business for teachers. No training is necessary, since you are very well versed with your chosen hobby. If you like to cook and bake, you can put up a catering business for the neighbourhood or set up an area in the school's cafeteria with your home made dishes. If you are into cross stitching or sewing, you can take some orders and can make clothes and home decorations during your free time. Bead works, gardening, singing classes, dance classes and many more all fall into this category.

There are literally countless business endeavours any teacher can venture into. You need not actually spend lots of money for an initial investment. What you need is the determination and the resources to build a cheap yet prospective enterprise. After all, having a business as a teacher is one key solution towards financial stability.

I believe I have said so much to set the ball rolling for us all as teachers but I will like to end this article with one of my favourite nuggets by Sam Adeyemi that states “It is not what you know that count, but what you do with what you know”. You have read and gotten inspired; don’t let it drain out just like that. 

Decide on a business venture and work out a plan within the next 48 hours. Also consider seeking more help and business advice from any Entrepreneurship or SME platforms around you. What more, I wish you all the best on your intended business venture.

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