How do you develop or create life changing ideas? Ideas are all around us, yet they will not trip you up as you walk down the street. Ideas will not come knocking at your door waiting for you to invite them into your home. Ideas are elusive and are only revealed to the discerning eyes of people who are ready for them.

You get ideas by actively searching for them. The quality of an idea is based upon the information you gather and the specialized or general knowledge you have to work with. You find ideas when you actively combine old elements or ideas into new combinations.

Curiosity is another way to feed your ability to get new ideas because the more you search, the more you will find. The more you know, the more you want to know. Continuous learning allows you to add new information, facts, and knowledge to your kit bag to help you create new and better ideas.

Ideas arise when you are exposed to new thinking, new people, new things outside your comfort zone. Attaching yourself to other people with similar goals and dreams as you does act as fire to create the SPARKS of new ideas you can use to benefit your clients, yourself, your family, friends and business.

You need to rub shoulders with other success hungry people. Associate with people outside your core interests - doing so will illuminate the BIG picture. 

Finally, search inside of you for ideas. They will come because you are an ICM; idea creating machine. Search inside of you on how to solve problems, overcome challenges, salvage crisis, meet needs and create opportunities. 97% of ideas come under any of these, just work at it.

But, how do I implement my ideas?

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