Having an experience in a new environment always makes me think differently. Most times, these experiences makes me ask myself new questions; why, what, how, when and so on. The answers to these questions will begin to form a new thought style in my subconscious bit by bit unconsciously. Eventually, my subconscious will begin to influence my behaviour and my behaviour will begin to produce results (things). Your psychologist will tell you this is true.

Knowing the above fact that Thoughts become Things, what can you do with your thoughts? What can we do with our thoughts? Do you know that the future is dynamic and that we can configure it with our thoughts? Do you know that our environment does influence us and we sometimes become slaves to things we yield ourselves to? We are our thoughts, we become our thoughts and we become our environment.

Each one of us has the ability to alter our future positively or negatively. Yes, we all do. For instance, a teenage boy was hanging around hoodlums and gangsters, doing drugs, breaking laws and promoting crime, due to lack of family, will be expected to end up as a gangster and live most of his adult life in prison. But, a few of them unexpectedly meet their turning point and they change: leave the neighbourhood  go to college, go through the university, become a professional, start a family and become an influence in the society. 

This mostly happens when someone or something happened and the person realize that there is a better way to live, a bigger and brighter life, that dreams can be achieved and even he, can start a new life. A new fire is kindled. A new thought style. That is all.
So, don’t think your situation is different. As you are reading this note, know that you can shape your future just as you would want it with focus and action. I know that you have fears, doubts, and troubles; I do, we all do. Yet, without doubt there is no such thing as luck in life. Good fortune is random as well as good will but, good luck comes from time to time by chance. It takes positive thoughts to create positive fortunes.
Ironically, trouble and challenges are good for me and you. According to Leke Alder, “we are products of our past troubles, or lack of them”. People with less troubles and challenges in their lives are people that are not aspiring for much. It is troubles and challenges that truly constitute what we call “experience” (Or do you call yours exposure?).These are the stuff champions are made of.
Hardship strengthens people and equips them for future endeavors while troubles and challenges build capacity for pressure. Remember, you must have courage and focus to go through pressure and come out positive. You must have something to hold on to in your thoughts while the troubles and challenges last; a prize you expect to get at the end of it all. This is because troubles and challenges are like the weather, sooner or later they will clear up.
Don’t let fear haunt you. Don’t concentrate on your fears when troubles are lingering. Focus on what you hope to achieve, focus on your big prize. I say this because, if you continuously concentrate on your fears, they will catch up with you before the end of the storm and turn into a bitter experience which mostly becomes a burden for so many people.
Therefore, I want you to master your doubts, overcome your fears, always exercise courage, focus on your prize and hold on a little longer. You can achieve whatever you desire, you can attain whatever goal you aspire, you can overcome whatever challenges you encounter; just begin to shape your thoughts. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Don’t give up, never give up! Thoughts become things.

What do you think? Please, do share your comments.

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