The 2013 YouWIN! Business competition (third edition) has now been officially launched by the Presidency today, 25th November 2013, for both men and women entrepreneurs in Nigeria (between ages 18 and 40.)

By the way, YouWiN! stands for Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria. It is an innovative business plan competition put together by the federal government of Nigeria, aimed at job creation by encouraging and supporting aspiring entrepreneurial youth in Nigeria to develop and execute business ideas.

The first round of the competition was awarded in 2011 with 1200 successful entrepreneurs. The second edition was for women entrepreneurs in 2012 and it was a success. Here comes YouWiN! 2013.

By getting to know about this edition shows that you are close to winning between 1-10 million naira grants in just a few simple steps. Let us check out the various criteria and get you started. Note: believe in yourself and give it your all; I wish you all the best.

Are you eligible to Apply?
To be eligible for this YouWIN! Business Plan Competition you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • You must be a proven citizen of Nigeria between age 18 and 40 years with proof of identity: International passport, Driver’s License, National ID card or Voter’s card required)
  • You must have a post-secondary school qualification
  • Your proposed business venture must be within the national borders of Nigeria, and with the intention of employing Nigerian citizens.
  • Your proposed venture must not entail the production or distribution of weapons, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or/and gambling, or any activities in contradiction with the Nigerian constitution
  • You must prepare an innovative business concept summary
Finally, you must choose to participate in one award pool. There are 6 regional pools on the basis of geo-political zone as identified by market in which you want to do business.

How do you Apply
Register here. You will receive a confirmation email from YouWIN! with all the details you will need to log in. Read how to apply.

Complete your New Business Application
When you have successfully registered on the YouWIN! website, you will log on and click the New Business Application button on the right hand-side to start. You can save your application form as you go along, and come back to it at any time. Once you are happy with your application use the Submit button on the form to send it. Note: dual entry will automatically disqualify you and your application.

What next?
After the closing date you will be notified if you have been selected for the next stage of the competition.

Simple, isn’t it?

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