This article was originally posted as: Hey business owner — STOP MULTI-TASKING by Brad Farris. I read it and read it again and was reading it for a third time when I decided you have to read it. It is a worthy companion for the Adventures of 2014. What do you think? Read along and let’s have your comments; I can’t wait to interact with you and know what you think.

Multitasking helps us do many things at once–so we get more done in less time, right? Wrong. Once I started looking into it, I was shocked at what the research shows.

What if I tell you that multitasking causes up to a 40% drop in productivity and these interruptions cost the American economy nearly $650 billion dollars a year? You might be thinking, “Well that’s not me — I’m actually great at multitasking”. Think again. Studies show that only about 2.5% of us are actually able to do it efficiently.

But Brad! Running a business means I have to multitask; I’m the business owner! I have employees to manage, clients to handle, and projects to deliver — and don’t forget about payroll, hiring that new employee and writing that proposal!
I know how it is! It always seems that when I try to do just one thing, I end up doing a million other things. I sit down at my desk to focus and:
§  My employees keep knocking on my door with questions
§  Clients call without warning throughout the day
§  Small fires sprout up everywhere–and someone has to put them out!

Work on being present
When we’re present (that is, all in one place, focused on the current moment, in the current space, with the person who is actually in front of us…) we’re able to really give our attention to one thing. And when we do that, we’re way more productive!
The holidays are a great time to practice being present. While we have a little bit of time off and may be able to grab bigger chunks of downtime, we are pulled in many different directions. The demands of family, the demands of the business at year end, and the expectations to give employees TLC, are like a perfect storm over the holidays, right? The temptation to multitask seems like it is never bigger. And that is why it is a great time to ignore those temptations and be present where you are.
If you are spending time with your family, be with your family. If you need to put in some hours on a specific project, do just that. Attend to that project and nothing else; in any case, what happens during the time you are present will be more meaningful, have greater impact, and STICK better than what you do when you are juggling 2, 3, 4 or 5 things.
BUT. As a business owner, you have to multitask! …Right? It’s just not possible to have your attention only on one thing!
This is a deeply ingrained myth. That’s why we’re talking about it all month long. We have several colleagues writing on how they’ve successfully focused on one thing, and how it has freed them up to stop multitasking.
My question to you
What do you do to stay focused and cross items off your to-do list? Leave a comment and let me know — we’re looking to compile members’ thoughts and write them up in a blog post at the end of the month.
Brad Farris

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