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Many people dream about making a living out of their talent, hobby or passion, but is there anything stopping them making that dream a reality?

This is an infographic picture born out of tips and inspirations from hundreds of business people spoken to who have successfully pursued their hobbies and are now making their living out of what they like doing best. Following them might not make you the next Richard Branson, but it should give you some food for thought and inspire you to pursue the possibility of making a viable business out of your talent or hobby.

It is worthy to note that I was told some of the tips shared here some years back and I was inspired to start my first business from a hobby in 2004. I followed through and and persisted and by 2006, I made profit enough to cater for my two-week vacation during the Yuletide season to visit four states in my country (Nigeria) and still started 2007 in style.

This collection is compact and full of insight. Ponder it, meditate it and share with your friends, especially the ones that are talented and passionate about their hobby. Remember, Talent is not Enough according to John C. Maxwell.

Please, share your own experiences with us all and this article with your friends, circles and followers; maybe you might end up inspiring another Tiger Wood or Roger Federer. What do you think?

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