100 THINGS Leke Taught Me

Seven months ago, I got a stint with Mr. Leke Alder. I was developing a product 

and faced with repetitions and conflicting traditions, several limitations and daunting challenges. It was between struggling to survive and throwing the towel. So, I decided to seek help. From where do I start? I went to my Mentors.

I began calling and booking appointments, reading books and listening to messages and CDs, combing the internet then, I met with Mr. Leke Alder. It was tedious and hard before this ground breaking event then all clouds came down. It took only a few minutes with him and I realized, I am in the right place for the type of information I seek.

So, I went on with him and in less time he began to teach me deep wisdom: The four drives and how they affect man, the Lagos molue and the lessons in them, customer technology, analyzing your business: profit and loss and 100 things that will make my business succeed.

In the weeks that followed I meditated upon the teachings and these 100 things and I was amazed the more. Gradually I began to apply them in my business and career. These have become some of my closest companions after my routines for planning ahead and they have groomed my relationships, perceptions and conducts. I believe they will do the same for any other person that appreciates good information and takes action without excuses. Even you.

I will be selfish if you don’t get to read these 100 things to benefit. Maybe you are also into business, chasing career and dreams, planning on letting go of a job; in all, these 100 things cuts across them all. I am glad you spared some minutes to go through it.

Here are the 100 things Leke Taught Me. I won’t like to bore you so; I have made it into three parts. This article will have 1-35; a second part will contain 36-70 while a third part, 71-100. This way, you will be able to make notes and meditate on them better (this is how I review them from time to time).

100 Things Leke Taught Me
1.   Be willing to sacrifice
2.   Believe in yourself
3.   Place value above talent
4.   Set aside savings
5.   Take care of the poor and be socially responsible in your local community
6.   Don’t put short term financial borrowing on long term gestation projects
7.   Balance your accounts
8.   Don’t assume
9.   Your cheque must never bounce. It’s not basketball!
10.    Use client money for client jobs
11.    Reward yourself, even with tokens
12.    Don’t suck out the business capital for futile projects
13.    Build the business
14.    For personal security and social projects like building your house, be patient
15.    Pay attention to your packaging and presentations
16.    Pay your staff their wages
17.    Never compromise excellence or quality
18.    Make sure your staff live above the level of inflation and poverty
19.    Be prudent
20.    Take care of the welfare of your staff
21.    Let people see a future in your company
22.    Don’t establish glass ceilings or concrete tombs
23.    Be fair. Be just. Be equitable
24.    Refuse blackmail or greenmail
25.    Reward loyalty and devotion
26.    Push your staff to their limits
27.    Don’t let any project faze you
28.    Deepen the intellectual capacity of your organization
29.    Avoid crooked deals
30.    Be open to ideas
31.    Never argue with a superior proposition
32.    Know your limitations
33.    Be firm
34.    Be focused
35.    Be professional

Read more … 36-70 and 71-100.

Mr Leke Alder is the founder & Principal of Alder Consulting, Nigeria’s leading branding corporation with offices in Lagos and London. He is credited with introducing branding as a discipline to Nigeria and has consulted on policy, politics and business at the highest levels in various nations. He is the author of several business books and was the host of a weekly radio business programme, Minding Your Business with Leke Alder.

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