100 THINGS Leke Taught Me (2)

What do you think about the first 35 Things? Do you find them practical? 

Have you meditated on their possible application in your business, career and life? Well, do so when you can but expect this part to be even more. It gave me more insight into successfully managing my business, relationships and people. It will do the same for you if you apply them continuously. There you go ...

100 things Leke taught me (2)

36.   Write letters. Make it official
37.   There is no closing time
38.   Get the job done
39.   Demand results not process
40.   Be creative
41.Time-outs matter
42.   Avoid creating “Great I ams” in your organization
43.   Your work is an assembly line
44.   Take time out to strategize direction
45.   Execute your energy
46.   If you are wrong, admit it. Correct yourself openly
47.   Correct staff openly
48.   Correct your staff if you must, but don’t destroy them
49.   Slam gossip. Kill the spirit
50.   Once you’re corrected, close the chapter. Once you’ve corrected, close the chapter
51.   Define yourself. What are you? What do you really do?
52.   As the organization prospers, the staff must prosper
53.   Be generous
54.   Build managers
55.   Surround yourself with intelligent and educated people
56.   You don’t need a crowd
57.   Keep your inner vision
58.   Take decisions. Don’t be indecisive
59.   Business is dynamic. Adjust to the dynamics
60.   Believe in your organization
61.   Believe in your staff
62.   Never run down your staff in front of others
63.   Demand loyalty
64.   Be loyal
65.   Keep it open
66.   Be efficient
67.   In dealing with staff, concentrate on the person not the job function
68.   Be comprehensive in your approach
69.   It’s only worth it when you succeed. Succeed!
70.   You earn respect

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