100 THINGS Leke Taught Me (3)

Wow! I am glad you made it to this page. How did you find 1-35 Things

What about 36-70 Things? Have you tried practising them? I did and still am. Please, don’t be in a hurry to practice them all; practice them a few at a time. And, ensure you get back to read them again and again so they will stick. Also try to assess yourself whenever you come back to read these 100 Things Leke taught me and note where you are growing and where you still need work. You will succeed.

Meanwhile, we still have 71-100 Things to go. Hang on; you will soon tell people “I am glad I got to know about these 100 Things from Leke when I did”. Because, I strongly believe these small things will impact your attitude, thoughts and life. They will give you more insight into managing your business, relationships and people.

100 things Leke taught me (3)

71.   Have a large heart. Learn to forgive
72.   Don’t discuss your future with skeptics
73.   Love your enemies but know them
74.   Earn your reputation
75.   One thing leads to another
76.   Don’t be greedy!
77.   Don’t cheat
78.   Don’t steal
79.   Deal in real figures not accounting myths
80.    Take each day as it comes
81.    Avoid trying to belong
82.    You will get there. It’s a matter of time
83.    Pay your debts
84.    See possibilities
85.    Have faith
86.    Review your position constantly
87.    Seek wisdom
88.    It’s not about taking decisions, it’s about taking the right decisions
89.    Develop a collegiate spirit in your organization
90.    Dream but work assiduously to attain it
91.    Keep on reinventing your organization. Keep on refining
92.    Every job is a lesson
93.    Have financial control
94.    Genuinely care
95.    Run a machine
96.    Don’t set limits
97.    Be brave
98.    Keep your promises
99.    Run the organization with a view on tomorrow
100.   It never ends

Dear friend, I salute the time you put to the 100 Things Leke Taught Me. So, how did it go? Is it not a good collection? All thanks to Mr Leke Alder; a mentor and teacher sent to a generation like ours. God bless you more.

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