Dedicated to the young Nigerian who have dared to pursue their true talents in spite of persisting odds. You rock! 

It’s the treasure in you crying for expression
It’s the light in you, begging for illumination
It’s the book in you that must be read
It’s the voice in you that must be heard
It can make the pauper become the hero
It can make the pauper become a very important fellow

You are the king in me that is meant for the throne
You are the dream in my heart to be a man of my own
You re the mustard seed in me that will grow into a tree
You are the angel that sets me free
You are the door that leads me to possibilities
You turn my inner yearnings into realities

I am the song you must sing
I am the jingle that makes the your bell ring
I am your blockbuster movie, your bestselling novel
I pack your life’s struggles like the shovel
I am the window of opportunities, the road to greatness
I am your light that shines in darkness
I am the product of God’s brainstorm
I am the stage play you should perform

They’ve given you different names, some call you potential
Your value is more than any credential
They call you simply divine
Your root stems from the vine
They say you are the music that puts food on the table
Your genotype’s configuration makes me capable
They call you natural endowments, his free gift
Your wing gives my life a lift and my mind a paradigm shift

Kehinde Ajose
Motivational speaker, writer, talent development coach, blogger and syndicated columnist.

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