I believe you understand why we all need money

So, how do we get money? is why we are here. Meanwhile, I also want you to know how it feels to have money. When you have money, it can solve problems, reduce and take away pains, it can help you achieve dreams and fulfil purposes, help you achieve fulfilment and make you travel around the world in person or as a donor through charity and philanthropy. Hmm, truly we all need money. How does one get money? You earn it. You need to have an income.

When you don't have an income
When you don’t have an income, your standard of living will fall, your self-esteem will suffer, your respect will fade away and you may lose your values. Like most Africans, you begin to fight over trivial matters due to joblessness and poverty, low self-worth and shallow expectations; your values will plunge even dipper down. I don’t wish you get this deep into shit hence, I recommend you have an income. You need to have a stream of income or more.

How do you earn an income?
It is by working! You don’t get money by tithing and giving (as thought by some Christians). You get money by working and giving value in exchange for an income. You are only expected to tithe and give from your income after you have earned it and not from money you borrowed that you don’t know how you will pay back.

There is no free money anywhere!
Also realize that there’s no free money anywhere. “Times have changed” some may say but right from time past there have never being record of free money anywhere. Even in socialist states, the citizens work and contribute to the polity. It is really sad to say but the quest for free money has robbed so many bright minds of a worthy life; a life full of work, fun, excitement and prosperity. What about you?

There is no "escape" route too!
Many Africans wish they were born in Britain and America causing many to spend so many years trying to get visas to "escape” the reality of their lives. Ironically, the Britons and Americans, work to get whatever they want or desire. Many great names in many history books today started working in their teen years and some started even earlier. My friend, you need to work; we need to work.

Work like you'd work
You need to work to have an income. We all need money. You need to work to sustain your family. You need to work to grow your nation. You need to work like you’d work if you were granted a visa to a developed nation; pick cotton on cotton farms, wash plates in restaurants, sell in stores, attend in stations, watch at night as guards ... run double and triple shifts. Or, work as a lawyer, engineer, nurse, artist, name it … you really need to work to grow your nation. China and Japan are leading economies today because one of their national policy is that “there is no room for laziness.”

Work is healthy
Finally, a health research stated that if you are not exercising your body through work, you get older faster. Also when your brain is not stretched, your full potentials will not be released. “It is more strenuous to be idle than it is to be working” a mentor once told me. Work does not kill but idleness does.

My friends, we all need money. We all need to work and give value for incomes. We all need to develop Africa. These people that are not Africans from other developed economies, nations and continents will not develop Africa; they are only in Africa to exploit her natural endowments. they won't develop Africa. They cannot develop Africa; only Africans can develop Africa. Do your lot and write your name in our history books … generations are waiting.

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