Money is good. Money is power. Money answers to all things. Money is a defence

Money makes life easier and better. You need money, I need money, our children need money, the community need money, our nations need money; we all need money. Or am I wrong about you? Don’t you need money?

Why do we all need money?
We need money to be able to afford good food, good Medicare, to pay our rents and bills, clothe ourselves and family, give our children good education, live a good life and go places we desire … to earn respect, meet our obligations, make many friends, pursue our dreams, fulfil our purposes, see the world, touch the world and write our names in the sands of time. Irrespective of our reasons, truly we all need money.

We need money to be called “Rich”
Have you observed that the children of the rich often inter-marry? Yes, I have. Why? It’s because most times, the poor does not have access to the places where rich people go. The rich network deliberately where the poor network out of circumstances and situations. The rich don’t attend public schools, they don’t often board public buses, they mostly buy their things in marts and malls, dine in exquisite restaurants and, to crown it all, board flights and not night buses. So, where will the rich and the poor meet? I still wonder.

Desire money and it will come
We all need money. Or have you changed your mind? Please, don’t be among those who pretend they don’t need money, else, you may suffer in lack and want, sickness and ailments and eventually die wretched (God forbid). God acknowledges you need money so, admit it and money will come to you. Desire to have money and you will have it … this is The Secret.

If money is so important, how then does one get it? Know how and read the second part of this article: We All Need Money (2).

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