What do you know about dealing with difficult customers? How about dealing with angry customers? I learnt to deal with these set of customers the hard way while starting off in business many years ago
and I lost some good deals then. It trailed my business for a while before I came off it via the help of a mentor.

In late 2012, a childhood friend of mine, who just started his freelance venture then, had issues with managing some angry clients of his and they almost crumbled his small business with negative referrals. After a phase of struggles, he came to me for advice and I told him these points on managing angry customers and clients. It put them to use and they worked for him.

Remember, the goal of every business is to have happy satisfied customers. But, from time to time you or any of your employees will encounter an angry customer or client. Do not wait till you have difficult and angry customers and clients before you master these nuggets in managing angry customers.

Here are five ways I manage my angry customers. Read on..... 

Handle the person first, then the problem. Let angry people vent their frustrations. This alone will go a long way toward resolving the problem. Many times people just need to let off some steam and you are their sounding board, whether you deserve to be or not. Allow the talk.

Apologize. This is crucial. It shows you are committed to the relationship. Remember, the customer is always right, whether they are or not. So apologize, whether or not it was your fault; after you have allowed them to talk.

Show empathy. Assure your customer that he or she has every right to be angry and disappointed and that you would feel the same way if it happened to you. Make them feel understood. Use your own experiences to show empathy.

Find a solution. Resolve the problem with your customer, not for the customer. Ask questions that will get the customer involved in the process, such as "How would you like to see this problem resolved?" or “If you were in my position, how might you resolve this kind of problem for your customer?"

Follow up. After resolving the problem, you must follow up. Make sure things are satisfactory, but also look for additional needs that represent selling opportunities.

By employing these strategies, I can assure you that in less time you will begin to turn every angry customer and client that comes your business way into happy ones.

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