Many people do not like to plan ahead in their personal or professional life; including  you and I. We either wait until the last minute to plan what we want to do or jump into action without any plan. The lack of interest in planning ahead is found to be deeply rooted in our
belief system. I know this may sound unfamiliar but the following seven reasons will explain why many people push aside planning. 

1. People are reactive rather than proactive.
When we are reactive, we do not plan to perform tasks or meet objectives until we are asked to or it is urgent. We scarcely respond appropriately therefore, our reactive plans rarely work. Until you become proactive, you will have little interest in planning ahead.

2. People are not organized.
People who plan ahead are typically better organized than those who do not. They may like the idea of being organized or even expect others to be organized, but since they lack organization, they do not believe in the benefit of planning.

3. People are not self-disciplined.
People who are self-disciplined create order in their personal and professional lives. They have the willpower to stick to their values and take the right actions based on the right plans. Without a well-developed plan, it is difficult to be self-disciplined. When there is lack of self-discipline, people tend to overlook following through with their plans; another reason why they do not like to plan ahead.

4. People procrastinate.
People are good at making plans but procrastinate about implementing the plans. Whereas, others procrastinate about planning ahead: they delay planning for success because they think that it is too early to plan or they are not ready, or they may not need a plan at all. The more they procrastinate, the harder it is to arrive at effective plans that lead to success.

5. People don’t know how to plan effectively.
Planning ahead requires knowledge. There are tools for effective planning, but if people do not know them, then they will not be successful planners. Also, not knowing how to plan effectively will result in a lack of interest in planning ahead.

6. People think planning is a waste of time!
Normally, people don’t do what they don’t believe in. If they think that plans do not work and that planning ahead is a waste of time, they are right! Remember, as a man thinks in his heart, so he is. People get what they focus on thus, they need to change their mind-set and see planning as necessary and very important.

7. People are not patient.
Finally, people are too hasty and cannot wait for the plans to come to fruition. People just want to jump right into the execution part without the plan in hand. This attitude to planning results in incomplete plans, low productivity, and in most cases, huge losses.

Now that you know the reasons why people don’t plan, why don’t you avoid them? There is no wisdom as 
planning. Like the wise one will say “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” I believe this article will help you to improve your sense of planning, just as it helped me.

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