Owning a business does not make you an entrepreneur. Being a graduate does not make you a success. Good work is the work that you do well and you can do without blinking. Great work is doing what’s meaningful to you, has an impact, and stretches you. Your life is more than just
for you alone; your life is for the world to benefit from.

There are potentials and resources in you waiting to be harnessed. There are records in you waiting to be broken and new ones to be set. There are ideas and inventions patiently waiting for your genius to take them over. Friends, you need to do more. In order to achieve great feats and enjoy excellence, you need to do more. What do I mean? I mean every word you understand; you need to do more.

I wish I can explain better but, the words of John Mason did it all in one of his books. Read through and feel how I feel. You need to stop living for yourself and start living for others. Life is too short to live just like that. You need to start doing more.

You need to …
Do more than hear – listen
Do more than agree – cooperate
Do more than talk – communicate
Do more than grow – bloom
Do more than spend – invest
Do more than think – create
Do more than work – excel
Do more than share – give
Do more than decide – discern
Do more than consider – commit
Do more than forgive – forget
Do more than help – serve
Do more than coexist – reconcile
Do more than sing – worship
Do more than think – plan
Do more than dream – do
Do more than see – perceive
Do more than read – apply
Do more than receive – reciprocate
Do more than choose – focus
Do more than wish – believe
Do more than advice – help
Do more than speak – impart
Do more than encourage – inspire
Do more than add – multiply
Do more than change – improve
Do more than reach – stretch
Do more than ponder – pray
Do more than just live – live for Jesus

I believe you now know that beyond everything, there is a more that can be done. You will not attain great feats by ordinary deeds. You will not unlock possibilities by mere wishing. You need to dare like the lion to be the king of the jungle. There is no building without a foundation; the taller the intended height, the deeper the foundation will be … cause and effect.

You need to do more, to get more out of life. You need to do more to write your footprints in the sands of time. You need to do more if your name will be resounded in history and journals many years after you leave the earth. You need to do more, if I will get to read your story.

Remember, you have just a life to make all the difference. Start today and begin to impart mankind in your own way. I know that you are the next person I will read about.

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