Thanks to those of you who love Naijaoptions
You made us stronger

Thanks to those of you who suggested and gave feedbacks
You made us better

Thanks to those of you
who envied Naijaoptions
You made our hearts grow fonder

Thanks to those of you who cared and commented
You made us feel important

Thanks to those of you who liked and followed us
You made us who we are today

Thanks to those of you who unfollowed us
We wish you well and hope to meet again

As for you guys who stayed, thanks a million
You showed us the true meaning of love and friendship

We appreciate all of you
You were awesome in 2014

And we wish you greatness and success
in 2015!

Let us do it again: bigger and better

We wish to also inform you that starting from January there will be additions to our blog to further inform and educate our community. We will introduce other pages to this blog and we expect your contributions and feedback. See the list of pages below:

-     My Diary
Here we will share out-of-genre information that is ingenuous, creative, artistic, entertaining, weird and fun. I mean what I mean but not on the excess and wild, no. we have values set for the kind of posts you should expect but, I am sure most will be five-star exciting and fun.

-     Our facebook page
This will be a direct link to our facebook page to catch up with what our friends and followers over what they are doing and sharing.

-     Travels
This will cover people and places that our large community members need to know about. Some tourism destinations will also be included where necessary but the main idea is to give a lot of us a sense of unique places and why they are talked about.

-     i-MOTIVATE
Here we will be covering everyday motivation and inspiration to keep us going and ahead of discouragement. This is necessary to boost our morales when things aren’t going well and when we need to hear the words of someone to say “keep going forward, you are closer than you think”.

-     Events
We shall be sharing events that are relevant to community members by community members. This is a platform that is being created for you readers that wish to share events with other readers.

-     Contact Us
This is to bring Naijaoptions closer to you all. Because, we believe some of our followers don’t have or know how to reach us that is why they have contributed less to the community.

-     Naijapreneur
Here we wish to celebrate entrepreneurs weekly and monthly. Thereby, we will share their stories and pathways to inspire aspiring and challenged entrepreneurs and small business owners.

We believe these pages will help you easily get to your desired information and help us to serve the community better. We hope to get suggestions and feedbacks as the year goes on how best we can be.

Thank you for your patience with Naijaoptions and for your support. We hope to all achieve greater and higher this year in family, business, career, religion, dreams. Once again, we wish you all the best this year.

Naijaoptions Blog Administrator

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