Prayer: May the joy of resurrection fill your home this season and beyond in Jesus name [AMEN!].
Happy Easter to you all! Please read below an Easter present to you 
A man who was tired of life decided to commit suicide under a mango tree. He wrote a note to his family and left on the dining table indicating where his dead body will be found and why he has given himself up
to death (poverty).
About fifteen minutes later, his son showed up at home with excitement and happiness; full of life. He saw the note and read it three times to fully understand and come out of his excitement. So, he dashed to the back of the house only to see his father standing on a stool with a knotted rope closely around his neck.  
So he said naughtily, “Dad I saw your note, your reasons are true and your signature is cool. Rest in peace! I just won a hundred thousand dollars; I promise you that your funeral would be a big celebration."
The man looked at him with disbelief yet, he grinned and said: "Don’t be a fool; untie me quickly. Let’s go & celebrate my resurrection!!!"
Happy Easter Guys!

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