Over the years, one of the most powerful habits I have established in my life is the art of jotting and writing. When I started taking notes in 2002, I started without knowing the reasons why. By 2005 when I eventually stumbled upon it, my life transformed and grew. But, by mid-2008 when I stopped writing things down purposefully, I felt a sharp decline in my growth, productivity
, pursuits, career and life. In 2009, I retraced my steps and picked myself up. Since then, you don’t need to ask…

Why is it so important?
According to Michael Leboeuf, “When you write down your ideas you automatically focus your full attention on them. Few if any of us can write one thought and think another at the same time. Thus a pencil and paper make excellent concentration tools.”

1. You don’t remember everything. Relying on your memory to store things without offloading isn’t very reliable. Since I started writing things down more often, I get sharper reviews from my notes that when I was relying solely on my memory. Our memories do leak.

2. Ideas are very swift. Ideas don’t stay for long: they can pop up at strange times as inspiration. You need to capture them fast or they are gone in the wind. Such ideas can be ice breaking as the case of Walt Disney.

3. Written goal brings clarity and focus. It gives you direction, affirmation and reminder. Sometimes, they form the basis for your routines all year.

4. A written to-do-list helps maximize your daily focus and time. But, you must take the time to write it down while planning your day.

5. Writing things down reduces mental clogging. It will help you think straight and better. It will reduce the rate of processes on your mind.

6. It gives proper brain ventilation to solve problems. When you write things down: facts, figures, thoughts and feelings, you get an overview of the problem and will easily make connections. It makes problem solving much easier. Don’t hold too many thoughts in your head at once; they will drive you crazy.

7. You will get to know yourself better if you write things down. Using diaries and journals you will help you learn so much about yourself and your life. I was there and I know so.

8. Writing things down will guarantee steady growth and development for you. I have not known anytime that I have fared better without writing things down.

Dear friend, stop struggling with your brain over nothing. Life should be fun and not a burden. Give your brain some space and stop overloading it up like the hard drive in your computer. Writing things down will definitely improve your health, responsiveness, ability to remember vital information when required and limited occurrence of brain blackout. Start writing things down and see the difference on your life in 3 months.

Kindly share your experiences about writing things down with others.

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