Successful people often say that it was their drive to keep going, despite the desire to quit, that drove them to successful heights in their dreams, businesses or careers.
That sentiment perfectly sums up the “I can” attitude.  In other words, even though the odds may be against you, keeping a positive mindset can give you the mental push and energy you need to stick to your plan and build your life the way you desire.

A negative “I can’t” attitude can pervade nearly every situation for you. It can affect your business plans, career track, or even personal family or social situations. If you keep telling yourself you can’t do things, eventually you’ll believe yourself and you’ll lose the desire to even try. According to one of Adolf Hitler’s general, “If you listen to a lie for more than thirteen times, you will begin to be feeling it is the truth”. So, learn to tell yourself “I can!”

Have you ever wanted to attend an event or party, but chose not to go because you didn’t know anyone? Was there ever an incredible opportunity to explore your passion, but you refused out of fear? In these situations and more, you need to face your fears, attack that negative attitude and say “I can” – especially if there are distinct benefits that could help your business, career or personal life.

Please note; Instead of getting discouraged by setbacks or failure, think about your abilities and strengths, then push ahead! Life is in cycles. Life is two steps forward and one step backward. There will always be setbacks but, have it in mind that setbacks are springboards to higher heights.

I know that trying new things involves a certain amount of risk and not all of us are risk takers. Most new situations don’t involve a life-threatening risk, but the simple fact of not knowing the outcome can paralyze one’s intention with fear. Unfortunately, fear prevents you from trying anything new and it’s often difficult; just like any status quo.

However, never allow “I can’t” be the words that eventually come out of your mouth, especially when your thoughts have been crowded by doubts, plagued by low self-esteem and confusion has over-ridden your self-belief. Rather, say “I can” over and over again till your subconscious mind holds it tight to be the only truth.

Now, let us take a look on how we can overcome our self-doubts and become action oriented with results in mind that can make us take a step and dare the impossible without fear. These are five steps:

1.   Don’t take criticism or mistakes personally.
No one is perfect. Always try to learn from your experiences and mistakes as you grow in life, career or business. And prepare yourself for the next time because, another similar opportunity will still come again.

2.   Find ways to improve your skills.
Ensure you do more to keep improving your skills: take continuing education classes, e- courses, or read books, attend boot camps, workshops and seminars. Improve your skills by learning something new. These will also improve your confidence.

3.   Think about past successes.
Success is sweet and words of praise can do wonders to your self-esteem. Think about the times when you were successful and find ways to regain that feeling. It has worked severally for me and, it is still working for others.

4.   Think about the problem or task logically and break it into pieces.
This can be overwhelming, so tackle smaller goals one at a time to avoid confusion and added stress. Treat it the way you will eat an elephant but, with consistency and commitment.

5.    Prioritize and delegate what you cannot do very well.
Use the resources around you to help complete the job rather than tackling everything yourself. You cannot achieve most things all by yourself and still maximize your time. Prioritize and delegate and grow.

So, the next time you’re faced with the chance to try something new, take a deep breath, think about the benefits you could experience from this, and say “I can”! You don’t need to know how, just believe in yourself.

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