Stop standing still

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you standing still in life, unknown to you? It is time to move on.
You don’t need to wait for a ton of bricks to hit you. You are stuck in a rut if you live in regular cycles. You need to get out fast because a rut is not a good place to stay in. According to Ellen Glasgow, "The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions."

So, how do I really know I am stuck?
You are stuck in a rut when you do the same old boring routine day after day. You wake up in the morning, get dressed, read the paper, go to work, do unfulfilling tasks, go home, eat, watch TV, stay awake a few hours more and go to bed. Then you get up the next day and do it all over again. And by weekend, you have a separate routine as well. That is what's commonly known as a rut. I call it, effortlessly standing still.

However, life was not meant to be lived in this way. You need to get out of it. And here is how you get out:

Get a Dream - Get yourself a big dream. Discover yourself and your love for life. Find something that you would love to have or do in life or, with your life. Something you are genuinely passionate about that can keep you up all night and time will stop moving; something that fuels your drive.

Set a Goal - Set goals that will allow you to achieve that big dream. Make plans and follow the pattern that yields to have a step by step action towards your goals. Successfully getting your goals will lead you towards the big dream so, believe in yourself and keep focus.

Go to Work – Without action, nothing changes. Nothing truly changes until you start working to accomplish your goals. You can dream your life away and never get what you want if you do not work. So, get to work and keep your dream in mind. Think and meditate about it as often as you can; feel and see it. Remember the Law of Attraction? Thoughts become things.

Ask for help – No one knows it all. As you go after your dream, be passionate enough to always ask for help when the chips are down. And when you achieve any level, don’t stop there; seek the next. Getting out of the rut is just like planning ahead, you don’t do it once and leave, no: you keep at it.

I believe you are determined to get out of your status quo hence, you won’t be reading this article. I appreciate the fact that you feel the need but, do me one favor: help someone else get out of their rut. Share this with those close to you, you never can tell who NEED it. Help someone stop standing still, effortlessly. Thank you.

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