There is dignity in working. There is dignity in doing what you do irrespective of how much you earn. This is what the guy that won a lottery is lacking; what the rich kid with inheritance is missing out on; dignity of work. What if I disagree? Well you might
, just read through and get my point.

I know that work is widely seen as activity which is done exclusively for the sake of something; something worth doing as a means to an end. Of course, gainful employment in many countries is done for the sake of earning income: it is how most people make a living for themselves and their families. This is also why we have lots of migration today especially from third world nations to the G-7 nations.

Work is valuable from a worker’s point of view because of the income it brings. And from a socio-economic point of view, it is instrumental in the creation of common wealth (GDP). But, dignity of working goes deeper than this hence; those who get an income without working (lottery, inheritance or benefits) would not really be missing out on anything.

Moreover, it is clear that the lives of people who do not work are typically lacking in certain areas. Research shows that lack of work adversely affects physical and mental health. People are more likely to suffer from obesity, depression and emptiness, if they are unemployed or not working. So, one dignity of work is self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the sense of having a perception of the worth of one’s own existence, bound up with the recognition one receives from others of one’s competences, achievements and contributions. A lot of people are loved by family and friends just because of who they are; a somebody.

Another dignity of work is that it gives a sense of connection. According to French sociologist Durkheim: “By participating in the division of labour individuals can come to a livelier appreciation of their dependence on others and the need for cooperation.” On a serious note, daily practice of cooperative problem-solving provides vital training for individuals.

Also, health: the exercise and development of skills, capacities and the mind. Working improves the soundness of the mind. This is why individuals who work are mostly on top of their games while they work and when they stop, there is always a difference in attitude and frame of mind, no matter how they manage it.

There is indeed dignity in working. Although, there are jobs that may not be palatable or ethical due to level of organization; just know that which you need and go for it. The benefits of working are as much a matter of what one does while working, and of the social relations one enjoys or endures there, as they are of the economic power it brings.

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