Dear New Entrepreneur,

The very fact that you're reading this suggests that you're at least considering setting up a business on your own or you are in one already.

Setting up in business is an adventure, and like all adventures it involves a lot of hard work and a good measure of risk (both financial and reputational). So, I suggest you take the Entrepreneurs Test before moving on. Be honest and reasonable to yourself.

Welcome back! Having taken the test, let us have the basics of starting a business: you need an idea, focus, passion, drive and people. You need to believe in yourself and convince yourself that you can: start small and grow your business. And you must know why young entrepreneurs fail.

However, knowing the above does not remove the risks and challenges entrepreneurs face. Even family businesses face challenges. You must plan ahead and take bold steps. Business success is simple if you stick to the patterns that yield results and overcome as much limitations.

Use your mind and continue learning, especially from poor decisions and mistakes. You need persistence, in the early stages and from time to time, visit the 100 things Leke taught me for guide. Sustain your loyal customers and manage the angry ones properly so they won’t become bad vibes. Keep records and complete accounts.

Remember to have online presence. Learn simple social media tips and how social media affects business industries today. Be swift about these so you don’t get stuck with the time wasters successful entrepreneurs avoid. Explore Google innovations for cues you can use effectively; they will help you.

Finally, balance all these with your business plan, launch (if you must) and start getting seen. Don’t procrastinate any of the steps above and always write things down; they will help you to innovate and grow. Vie to be excellent, be consistent and always dare when necessary. You will succeed! Don’t forget: “It is not what you know that count but, what you do with what you know” – Sam Adeyemi.
Welcome to the world of business.

Please, share with as many that need this information.

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