In every era, there are beliefs that are held as facts.

In 1983, Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPad. However, it seems the world was not ready. It failed many would say but, did it? What if Jobs' idea was some chaos that employees and vendors wanted to avoid?

While no one questions the facts, belief shapes and constrains actions: and they are mostly considered reality. For example, there was a time when the world was flat. Also, there was a time when science claimed that if the human body traveled at speeds greater than 40 miles per hour, it would explode. As a result, all trains and automobiles then, had a top speed of 40 miles per hour.

As you can see, reality does not need a basis for its existence. There only has to be a sufficient amount of people who believe in it. In time, everyone goes along to get along.

On the other hand, when someone questions that reality, the believers of the existing paradigm adamantly resist the new possibility. It appears nature have taught us to protect our reality or status quo. If we don't, there is a chance we can be invalidated in the new paradigm: via self-doubt, irrelevance and fear.

With that said, perhaps Steve Jobs did not fail at creating the iPad in 1983. His idea may have caused people to have the same resistance that Christopher Columbus incited with his notion of a round world. Besides, why an iPad when the thought process was just beginning for a computer on our desks. Perhaps for them it was better to prove Job' idea was impossible than to stretch into an uncharted area.

But, let us take it a step further: it is worthy to note that since 1983 there have been no new natural resources added to the planet. Therefore, everything that was needed to make the iPad in 2008 existed in the 1980s. In fact, there is no reason the iPad was not created even before 1983, except for the belief that it is not possible.

Whether it's creating the iPad, flying to the moon or sailing around a round world, people will always be limited by that which they are taught to believe. Opening your mind to possibility is a social risk and it takes practice. However, it is far from impossible. Today's reality will become a laughing matter in tomorrow's reality. Will you protect and defend status quo for fear of looking bad? Or will you question the reality you were given from birth? Einstein, Columbus, Jobs, Musk, etc. had no special gifts. They only questioned what was believed to be reality: they challenged the status quo. You can too.

Friend, the world is waiting for your product and creation. Stop limiting yourself by thinking small about your present reality. Dream big and dare the impossible. So, start that project of yours, don’t procrastinate and don’t let anybody tell you different. Do your best, make a difference and write your name in the sands of time. Open your mind to possibilities and opportunities today.

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