Complaining can be managed. Don’t act like the controllers and toxics and expect to win awards. Learn how to stop complaining or reduce the rate.

1. Recognize Your Identity. Firstly admit that you are complaining. Any amount can soon turn excessive; finally ending in chronic complaining. And you may need help, or personal commitment to get over it. Ask from friends and people around you and begin to work on yourself from there. Be persistent because it will take a while.

2. Detachment. Decide to let go of unnecessary negative memories, grudges and resentments. In fact once you're committed you will notice that most issues are trivial. You give meaning to your reality based on your own interpretation of it. How grave is the situation that is disturbing you? Detach yourself now.

3. Draw inspiration. Take a closer look at renowned leaders that faced some extreme situations in their lifetimes: Jesus Christ, Alexander the Great, Christopher Columbus, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Wright Brothers, Walt Disney, Helen Keller, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, J. F. Kennedy, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Barrack Obama, Nelson Mandela and many more in their own chosen fields of pursuit. But, did they crumble under their challenges and complains? Not at all.

4. Always express your happiness. When you are happy, you enter a productive zone; mentally, physically, socially, financially and spiritually. Every happy individual has the capacity to luminescence, progress and succeed. Learn to find ways of focusing on the best that has happened in your past, and expect the best rather than complaining.

5. Commit Yourself to Positivity. Every person is a beacon of strong vibrations; whether they are aware of it or not. Only their state of mind, and feelings, decide if they are emitting positive or negative frequencies. These are not fancy theories, but scientifically documented facts. So we are free to decide which way our feelings will tilt, in the larger context of our personal reality. Remember, your thoughts become things. Choose to expect the best, give the benefit of doubt, be prompt to pardon, be optimistic and focus on the best.

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