Do you know you can really influence your life and future?

I knew but it dawned on me again recently hence; I felt a need to share this. I was having a chat with someone I bumped into last week and I got a feeling time does not change people. It is choice that changes people.

While chatting with this lady, she kept on complaining and stressing on the fact that her background is slowly robbing her off a great future. So, I calmed her down and told her to learn to use her mind and take certain bold steps in the pursuit of her dreams and passion. I told her she can overcome her limitations and become excellent. But she is so strong-willed about “what will be will be” I was shocked.

I know that there are certainly times when we feel strongly that we cannot do anything to change our situation but, it’s dangerous to apply this attitude to our entire lives – what will be will be. If we do, we become subject to the perils of apathy. We begin to accept things in our lives as they are and not as they should be or even as we want them to be.

We lose the motivation to take action and the determination to persevere through to the other side. We don’t dare anything, seldom learn anything and hardly recognize opportunities even when they show up at our door step. We do as we like and not as we should. We take the easy road, not the road that leads to a preferred future. The outcome being we end up settling for so much less when we can achieve so much more. Friend, you can do more.

I believe that everyone have the will and ability to radically influence his/her future through the choices we make.  For example, if you desire to be fit and healthy, you can either choose to eat right and exercise or, to sit on the couch and eat all you want.  If you desire financial freedom to live your dreams, you can either seek out opportunities to build wealth or live from salary to salary.  If you long to pursue your dreams and live your passion, you can step out of your comfort zone and start something. I really want you to get the picture of contrasting choices.

Some people claim that our future is not entirely up to us; I agree but, our response is.  We are the architects of our individual lives. We can either settle for less, for whatever will be or we can decide we want more. We can begin to use our minds, think outside the box, take steps, do more and expect desired outcomes. It all starts in our minds.

I have always said that thoughts become things and you are a product of your thoughts. You will become the things you think the most so be positive about your thoughts. Don’t forget, the Law of Attraction also work like that. If you send out positive vibes, you will receive positive outcomes and vice versa. Take charge of your thoughts. Stop giving charge to the status quo by allowing “what will be will be:” challenge the status quo and get what you want to be. You can do it! Believe in yourself!!

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