We live in a changing world. A world where changes occur almost every moment and there is no room for second guessing, delay
or procrastination. The world is now in a constant motion faster than it used to be hence; everyone is meant to keep moving in their pursuits in career, family, business and life and not to be left behind. The world is moving so fast that trends now phase in and out without some people even knowing about them.

“Knowledge is power” my mother used to tell me but, I doubt how many people still remember that and work with it. Reason is that, many people are mistaking their seeds for fruits thereby eating the seeds that are meant to be planted for a brighter future. Many are eating their future oblivious of the consequences. You cannot eat your cake and have it. Watch how you spend your time and money daily.

Meanwhile, your position in life today is a direct reflection of the quality of your decisions in no distant past, both conscious and unconscious. No one can make you feel inferior without your acceptance of inferiority from your mind. Your life today is a direct reflection of your closest company of five people in the last three years so, “watch the company you keep because they form the people you soon become” Fela Durotoye once said.

Friend, this is a reminder for you to take account of your life: what season of life are you? Are you standing still? What have people told you? Are you learning from mistakes? Think of your life deeply, where you are now and where you ought to be, how far off and if you are on course as well. Do a self-assessment now and begin to make changes for better.

Stop eating your seeds and start planting them. The time to start is now. Don’t leave your future and that of your family to chance. The responsibility of a great future is yours and yours alone so plan ahead for it. Start small and grow from there. Imagine if all farmers eat up all their harvest; there won’t be seed for planting in the next planting season. Or, don’t you think so?

Where are you investing your money and your time? Start to double your money now: no amount is too small. Don’t make the same mistake more than once; it’s a sign of insanity. Start something now and make the right of every two choices and begin to maximize opportunities. Always remember, the choices you make today will determine the place you will be in the close future.

Things don’t just happen; people make things happen. Don’t wait for perfect conditions; they only exist in fairy tales. Take action, skip procrastination and dare to do more than you have always done. You can do it! You can achieve your desires in life; you can smash records and set new ones if you never give up.

Put on the right attitude, have things you meditate upon on a regular basis, put in persistence to make whatever you do work and be patient for the results. Success is simple but you must know how to go about it and plan ahead if you must achieve it. I am mostly moved when I meet people being left behind by our fast changing world and I don’t wish you to be among them.

In all, be the person you want to be and achieve greatness. I look forward to reading your success story. Always believe in yourself just as I believe in you.

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