Many people will like to have targeted and desired changes in their life yet, five years down they are standing still
two feet from their previous spot. Why? Most people would like something to change in their life, career, family and business but, this is not happening because they are not taking action; despite their strong desire and deep thoughts. A lot of people struggle to create change in their lives. But why is this so?

Well, the reasons can be many, complex and vary from person to person, situation and environment. However, the most common factor I feel is fear. Change triggers fear in the mind of so many people.

The feelings of Change are uncomfortable. It creates uncertainty. It involves risk. It takes you outside your comfort zone. When you feel like that, an inner voice begins to rant: What if it doesn’t work? What if people don’t like it? What if you are not good enough? What if you make a fool of yourself? The inner voice puts fear in you to make you stay in your comfort zone. But, change only happens outside the comfort zone. You have to break out to move on.

But how do I break out when I still have those fears?

#1. Start by making a decision
Decide that you will deal with the fears and change those things that have kept you stuck. Don’t listen to the inner voice that will echo “I don’t know how” in your head. Commit yourself to finding a way: there is always a way out.

#2. Get comfortable with uncertainty
Embrace uncertainty and accept the things that will follow your decision as part of the dynamics of change. Pay the price once and immediate to enjoy the outcome much later. Don't procrastinate.

#3. Get clear about your fears.
Learn how to manage your fears. Look for what you can put in place to make it feel safe for you to move forward. Get information as much as you can and where you cannot do it alone, seek help and clear the fears.

Meanwhile, in case you are feeling worried about the effects of the changes the above actions will create, think about this: What will happen if you DON’T take that risk? What will happen if you don’t find a way to make the changes happen? Sometimes it is more of a risk to settle for the status quo than deal with the fears and discomfort of change. Or, don’t you think?

#4. Manage what you focus on
Learn to stop your mind from thinking that things could go wrong. The mind is a very powerful tool that produces what one feeds it continually so, use this positively. Endeavour to maintain focus on the benefits and results that the changes above will deliver and how to progress from there.

Friend, if you are not willing to take any risk, you are risking never having the life and business you really desire and, that is a great risk on its own. Know that the pain of settling for what you don’t want is mostly more than the price of creating any desired change. You see, I know this because it happened to me in 2006 and I missed out on a big career opportunity and I am yet to recover from it all till this moment. You don’t have to learn your own lesson that way; begin to work that change now.

Remember, the pain of your desired change will be temporary but the pain of regret will live with you longer than you think and it is far greater in size and effect than you can imagine. Dare to ignore your naysayers and fears and take that bold step: be it a class, a course, a proposal, a presentation, joining a group, opening an account, doubling your money or writing a book, dare to start now and don’t worry about how long it will take. Time always flies when you are being productive.

Go on and change your life, and impart your world with that change. You can do it! I believe you can!!

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