Beginner's Mind
There are many possibilities in the Beginner's Mind. If you're a perfectionist, learning and practicing the Beginner's Mind" is very likely going to be difficult.

The spirit of the beginner is a concept in Zen Buddhism, which encourages the practitioner to develop a sense of enthusiasm and openness. It requires one to let go when you participate in activities. No matter what skill level one is, a sense of childlike curiosity and openness will give a boost to your creative endeavors.

Despite the name and use, the beginner's mind is not only for beginners. Train your thoughts, and it can help revive your actions, your creative efforts and daily life with a sense of progress and knowledge. But, how can one apply the beginner's mind to a creative life?

1. Give yourself time.
Give yourself peace of mind and get ready for the experience. Take some time to prepare yourself. Take meditation sessions to clear your thoughts and calm your spirit. Discover what suits you well and explore them.

2. Breathe.
To breathe may sound simple, in it lies deep wisdom. When you breathe, relax the body, and it will create more openness. Opening more in your body leads to greater openness in your mind, your heart and you will.

3. Have a sense of humor.
Many creative people tend to take themselves too seriously. This attitude cuts you off from the enjoyment of learning and also from creativity itself. You cannot be fully alive, present and creative if your inner-voice is prejudging everything before you have a chance to utter the first lines, put pen to paper, wet a paintbrush or attempt something innovative.

4. Be curious.
Whenever you feel anxious and uneasy to try something new, calm down and ask yourself what is responsible. Discover why you seem not to be ready for the task and press yourself to overcome it. You can do it.

5. Don't be afraid of failure.
To practice the Beginner's mind, you must be willing to take risks, even looking like a fool. This mindset will require some shortcomings and vulnerability so dare to be; nothing significant is ever developed without weakness of some sort.

So, follow these steps and up your creative genius using the Beginner's Mind. Align your creativity to flow and expect greater results with practice. And when you do not succeed the first time on any stage, don't beat yourself; just try again till you make it. It is the basis of the Beginner's Mind: Open your mind, dare to do more, think out of the box, start small and dare the impossible.

What is that task that has defiled your creativity before now? With the Beginner's Mind, go back now and work it out. And if you have other ways that helped to boost your creativity, kindly share it in the comment box.

Open your mind, dream bigger, dare the impossible and, succeed.

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