Entrepreneurs teach in diverse ways and situations. They show potential customers the value of their innovations. They inform investors about business plans and potential markets.

Most importantly, entrepreneurs teach team members on a regular basis: about the vision, goals, policies and company culture.
Over time, team members will understand their individual roles, company core values, goals, and ethics. Team members need to be taught and reminded periodically. They should be told; they should be prepared, and carried along. Hence; teaching is an essential skill for the entrepreneur and should not be overlooked in any way. Here are six unique ways education improves business.
#1. Be clear and direct
When teaching, clarity is paramount. If you need your team to understand and digest important thing, give it to them direct without bending. Be it your business’ core values, team, and individual goals or acceptable behaviours. Never sugarcoat things: deliver important messages directly and clearly.
#2. Link Projects and Lessons
One big key to teaching any subject is project-based learning: learning by practice and applying lessons to projects. It is a great technique to show team members. Ensure the projects you use are real. Most people remember what they do much better than what they hear.
#3. Talk and Practice teamwork
Break your team into smaller groups when teaching with real projects. Make sure each team delivers team-oriented solutions, and not individual solutions. This single act will develop relationships and improve team spirit among members of your team. Team learning allows members absorb lessons on projects.
#4. Inspire ownership
Improve on your delegation. Since you have given your team members clear and direct instructions and grouped them into teams with team responsibilities: give them space to deploy the lessons learnt and take charge on their own. Allow them fail or succeed and create their spaces in the company.
#5. Teach what you know works
Share who you are, why you are investing in your team and what you want. As an entrepreneur, you know your business better than anyone, so teach that knowledge instead of some whack business theory.
#6. Develop a learning culture

Do not make your workplace learning get the atmosphere of homework. Ensure that your team members get the point. Build an excited workplace culture that values learning on and off work. Encouraging creativity and leisure reading experiences. Recognize and assist your team members to further their education goals. Your team members' contributions will be stronger over time, and the lessons will speak.
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