Segun Oyeyiola’s brave innovation and sheer hard work made him famous as ‘that guy that made a solar-powered car.’

RONKE SANYA speaks with him on the present state of the solar-powered car which he invented in 2014 and the new projects he is presently working on.
Before you go on, take a look at 'Model 1."

You made headlines in 2014 when you converted a Volkswagen Beetle car, using mainly scrap, into a solar-powered car which you drove around Ile-Ife town, where is that car now?
The solar car which I made in 2014 is presently undergoing some upgrading process. I describe the solar car as ‘model one’ and it is presently in my workshop. Right now, we are upgrading. We are upgrading it, both in the chassis and its main electronics components. After we are done with the upgrading, it will be called the ‘model two.’ It is a form of upgrading whereby we will not use scrap as materials but materials that are much better.
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