The US group, Apple, is in discussion to buy rapper Jay-Z managed Tidal, an online music service,

 according to the information coming from the Wall Street Journal. No proposal has been tabled yet for the platform Jay-Z acquired for $56 million early March in 2015. But, there is Apple Music.

Apple Music Streaming Service
Meanwhile, Apple already started its music streaming service last year. The music application which has more than 15 million subscribers was launched in 2015 but came under criticism regarding its ergonomics. In June of 2015, Apple introduced a new simplified version of the app; nevertheless, it is still far from clutching a principal place of the highly competitive online music market.

Despite the success of iTunes, the American Group expanded into the streaming business very late. The robust industry has the Swedish application, Shopify, boasting of about 70 million free users and 30 million premium subscribers. Currently, Tidal has 4.2 million users.

So, why Tidal?
Apart from its 4.2 million subscribers, Tidal still have other stakes in the streaming industry. It has a sign of wealth the industry leaders seek: a catalogue of exclusive musical artists. Jay-Z is surrounded by several artists that have agreed to publish their songs in priority on Tidal platform, hence; Beyoncé's last album was aired exclusively on Tidal.

Similarly, singers Rihanna and Kanye West got their last albums published in Tidal well before streaming giants Spotify and Deezer joined. To further distinguish itself, it has other subscription benefits accessible to their subscribers.

Brand Excellence
Through the extensive network of Jay-Z, Tidal treats its brand reputation for premium service and great rates for customers and artists. While Apple had the singer, Taylor Swift, who initially refused to put his latest work on Apple Music. Tidal had the tumultuous year 2015, changing its CEO three times since its acquisition by Jay-Z. The business is still not profitable yet.

The big question is: Will an Apple buyout provide greater stability for Tidal? This is coming to mind since The US Group is not afraid to spend when it considers appropriate. Remember, in May of 2014, Apple acquired Beats for $3 billion and closed it since then. The Beats platform is founded by rapper and producer Dr Dre, and it specialised in producing music helmets and streaming.

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