The Young Hustlers prove anyone can be an entrepreneur

A hustler is someone who’s willing to work hard and do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

A hustler is someone who’s willing to work hard and do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

The Young Hustlers is a San Francisco hip-hop group of five talented teenagers that have raised their game and become entrepreneurs with a lifestyle brand. The music making company sells branded clothing and are set to teach financial literacy to other teenagers.

The Young Hustlers who blossomed out of an experimental after-school program that began in the Bayview area in 2015, started in a fun way to keep themselves busy and escape the natural sound of gunshots that is commonplace in their neighborhood.

Ja’Shoun, Dominique, and the other three members did not expect their love for fun can turn into a business and now, a mission. They now have open minds to grow beyond measure with objectives to reach out to others as they take entrepreneurial steps in San Francisco.

Make money positively
Surprisingly, these kids are driven to make money legitimately to inspire other kids, help their families, change the course of their individual futures and make a difference. And they are pushing this at 15 Seeds, the source after-school that started this new found life and success. The program is one based on the premise of principles; against curricula.

Take charge of lives
These Young Hustlers are committed to making money legitimately and take charge of their lives without falling prey to the ills of the street. For most of the kids, the idea of entrepreneurship is foreign and strange. The Young Hustlers now hold their business team meetings at their Impact Hub residence in San Francisco.

A path forward
Thinking on a path forward, the Young Hustlers have proven to be entrepreneurs. They now have branded T-shirts they sell and reinvest 50% of their sales. These kids are working hard and setting up their booths as well as their sales pitches. They now have big plans for the future of their business as well as to go to college. They are determined to make a difference and influence their future.

According to the Young Hustlers, "Staying motivated and focused can be hard when you’re trying to get a company off the ground. It’s a lot harder when you’re only 13."

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