The First Braille SmartWatch

Only about 1% of all printed books in the world have been translated for the blind. With this stat, having a pocket device that could easily translate vast libraries of e-books, articles and contents into Braille would write a completely new chapter in reading and learning for the blind.

It is interesting to note that Louis Braille was born 207 ago and he blessed humanity with his creative reading and writing system that have helped the blind to be learnable and teachable, to cope with events and update with information. 

In recent decades, the Braille system of reading and writing began to witness a slump due to the digitization of information and the internet, tech gadgets and all. It is a concern before but, a new age in history just ushered in with Dot, Inc's innovative braille smartwatch.

The Dot SmartWatch is designed to turn emails and text messages into braille for the blind. It is being celebrated as the first major technological innovation for visually impaired readers in the advent of the internet and smart gadgets in nearly two decades.

Eric Ju Yoon Kim is set out to establish a pace in the invention of smart devices for the blind. This quest has taken off with this innovative braille smart watch that swiftly raises and lowers pins on its face to create Braille characters for quick readings. The watch works with both Android and iOS devices, allowing its users to read alerts, texts, and other short messages immediately.

Meanwhile, Dot Inc's next project is the first Braille smart device in 2017. The company intends to aid blind people in being able to read longer texts, articles, and e-books as they go about their lives; like everyone else. The project is tagged The Dot Pad is supposed to be able to allow users to read e-books, feel shapes and symbols.

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