What Successful people do that you don't

There is nothing more absurd than doing the same things over and over again and expect a different result without trying to change the approach; they call it insanity. 

This year I start off with this lesson- you need to put in the effort to succeed by changing your approach. Do you know it’s very easy to be unsuccessful, just do nothing, and there you are, UNSUCCESSFUL. *laughs*

If you leave your life to chance, you may as well end up in a one-chance some day. (One-chance means a hostage situation).

Here are a few things I unraveled in my place of research about the habits of the successful and just oppose that – the unsuccessful.

Successful people read every day (readers are leaders),  while unsuccessful people watch TV and give themselves to funfair. Don’t forget that those who take life as a funfair never fare well. 

The former talk about ideas, and the later talks about people; the former compliments and the later criticize. Successful people embrace change, while the unsuccessful fear change. Successful people forgive other people but, their unsuccessful counterparts hold grudges and malice.
Successful people learn constantly while unsuccessful people believe they know-it-all. Successful people mostly accept responsibility for their failures, but unsuccessful people mostly blame other people for their failures.

Successful people have and show a sense of gratitude, whereas, their unsuccessful counterparts have and mostly exhibit a sense of entitlement. Successful people set goals and develop life plans but, unsuccessful people never set goals, they just wing it. 

Successful people have a budget and save money; unsuccessful people rarely and uncommittedly sets a budget and spends money rashly. Successful people follow patterns that yield while unsuccessful people care less and act mostly with nonchalance and assume what will be.
What else? I leave you to be your own critic. Your future and dreams is possible only as long as you wake up and start working it out. I remain impactful no matter the matter… Jerry Monarch is my name. Do have a great day ahead folks.

Remember: spectators don’t win medals in a game only actual participants. 
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