Changing your habits

The reality of the life you lead today are the result of your habits in the near past.
Changing habits are one way to influence your reality and impact your future. I know it can be difficult to accomplish initially, but success is the result and not the initial or mid-results.

Think about it; you are living out your habits every day. Starting From when you get out of bed, your routines, your lifestyle, your interactions with people, your thoughts and meditations, and how you react to your environment and the world, they all point in one direction - your reality.

Your habits got you to where you are today

Habits are necessary for our individual lives. They free up your mind and help you concentrate on life every day. For example, you don't have to think about how to ride a bicycle or drive a car - habits mostly help you watch for traffic, people and any possible accident or danger.

Unfortunately, habits also have the tendency to keep you locked in self-destructive patterns, making you stand still and limit your success. Don't mix it, becoming successful is a direct result of changing habits. You need to eliminate poor and bad habits. Develop quality and good ones that are in alignment with your goals and the life you desire to live. Aim high and never mind to pay the price.

For you to have the life you desire, you must change your habit to determine your outcomes.

What is limiting you from achieving your goals?

What are the daily habits limiting you from achieving your goals? What are the patterns that are affecting your lifestyle that you'd like to change? What are the habits that are severely affecting the image of your small business? Be honest with yourself and list them. Identify them and state them.

•    Do you forget to return SMS and phone calls within 24 hours?
•    Are you always running late and not keeping to time?
•    Do you procrastinate putting important tasks and events on your calendar?
•    Do you resist daily planning your day?
•    Do you stay up late night and never get regular/enough sleep?
•    Do you often break your promises to family and friends?
•    Do you spend money you don’t have and run into debts?
•    Do you drink alcohol regularly and get drunk weekly?

Changing your habits

Making an effort to change your habits will go a long way to influence your reality soon. Imagine the result of the changes below. What would your life be like;

- if you ate healthy meals, exercised regularly and got regular/enough sleep?
- if you paid cash for your purchases, stopped using credit cards, and saved your money often?
- if you stopped procrastinating, began networking socially and overcame your fears?
- if you spend adequate time and created a detailed annual plan and broke it down into daily, weekly, and monthly plans to help you stay on track and achieve those goals?

Would your life change if you have these changes? Would you be happy to see these changes take effect in your life and habits? I bet you would because I always do and I have always seen the results change my life. Having said that, here are two steps to changing your habits.

Two steps to changing your habits

To start with, write down some productive habits you could visualize during meditation, then adopt them into your life. Secondly, begin to act these habits as you work to change them. These are the steps I learned from Jack Canfield and they are as useful and evergreen for everyone that accepts its simplicity. 

As a recommendation, develop three to five success habits every year. Develop one habit every 3-4 months.

How to start changing your habits

Once you determine any new habit you want to adopt and master, create a method or pattern that will easily support your new habit. You can try these ideas for a start:

- write the habit down on a card, keep the card close and read it daily
- make the card a part of your daily visualization
- using the help of an accountable partner who also wants to  change a habit or two or, work with a personal coach is worth trying

Make a firm commitment to your new habit. Be specific about the steps you're willing to take for each old habit you want to drop. Try not to be vague and passive about changing an old habit. Spell it our for yourself, hype and motivate yourself to follow through.

Developing a new healthy habit every 3-4 months a year will dramatically change your reality. Focus on your efforts to dramatically shift your life, to get your desired reality, and to be getting closer to your dreams and vision. Change your perspective and see more clearly how your old habits have impeded your success and growth over the years.

Make the decision count, make the commitments stand, watch your life improve and begin to see success and results all around you.

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