Daily Motivation: Dream bigger and doubt smaller

The distance between your imagination and reality is not very far. It is why what is possible to imagine, is likely to be realized. If you can think it, you can have it.

Your imagination has great power to influence, attract and direct things in your life. So, why is it that most people don't get the many good and desirable things they imagine? Why don't their dreams and wishes come true?

Simple. Because along with the positive things they imagine and think, they also imagine fear and doubt in nearly equal proportion, if not a higher percentage. Although our imagination is powerful, fear and uncertainty limit it to bring about our realities.

Our dreams minus our doubts equal our reality.

To make real progress in life, we must make our dreams bigger or our doubts smaller. Choose a path that is easiest for you. I have always said my choice "Dream bigger and dare the impossible."

As you move through, your imagination is your compass and guide - it leads the way. The big question is: Is your imagination taking you forward or your fears and doubts are making you stagnated? Overcome the status quo.

Choose to imagine and believe in the good and valuable things with great passion, purpose, and drive. Let your dreams far outweigh your fears to diminish your doubts to get smaller. If you practice this daily, you will soon master it and begin to enjoy the reality of your most treasured dreams. Dreams do come true.
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