What is AR?

Augmented reality (AR) is a live manipulation of an immediate environment. It is done directly or indirectly, via the input of physical, real-world environment elements. These elements are augmented by the use of computer-based sensories and inputs such as video, graphics, sound and GPS data. 
It is identified with a more broad idea called mediated reality, in which a perspective of the reality of a place is adjusted (conceivably even reduced as opposed to expanded) by a PC. Accordingly, the technology operates on the basis of improving one's perception of reality at the point in time. Augmentation is conventionally simulated though it is in real-time with environmental elements. For example, sports scores, timersm and adverts during live matches.

With the assistance of cutting edge AR innovation (e.g. object identification and computer vision) the data about the surroundings of the AR user, gets to be digitally manipulable and quite interactive.
In less complex terms, AR uses computer-produced pictures, images and sounds to enhance real surroundings to become something else and have effects.

The AR notion has been an especially popular topic since the start of the Pokemon Go Frenzy, AR is not completely a new idea.
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